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Raquel Jackson Yoga

    Yoga "union" is a basic tenet of Ayurveda. The union is Mind/ Body/ Spirit. Asanas are the poses that are designed to address specific dosha imbalances. Pranayama is the control of the breath. Dhyana is the meditation that is essential for yoga practice. Yoga seems to address stress/anxiety, blood pressure and heart disease. It is therapeutic for ALL.  

Class Descriptions



A energizing class where students take their body through a full range of motion while using their breath to link one pose to the next in a beautiful flow.  We warm up with Sun Salutations moving to standing postures, forward folds, backbends, twists and hip openers ending with some relaxation.  A great way to start the day leaving the practitioner both relaxed and energized!



A slower version of the vinyasa class where there may be fewer poses and more time spent on each one.  We still follow the same format focusing on the breath moving gently through the  Sun Salutations and all the sequence, ending with floor work and relaxation leaving the student with a calm, clear mind.  Class is good whether you are new or have been practicing for a while. 



A class designed to support women through the phases of pregnancy using postures and breath work to create ease, build strength and deepen the connection between momma and baby in the womb. The benefits of prenatal yoga are many to include:  improved digestion, increased circulation and stamina, lessening of aches and pains, balancing of hormones. Prenatal yoga empowers the woman preparing her and baby for the amazing journey ahead!



A shorter, 45 minute class to foster community between other mommies and babies. Mommas will get to share some yoga poses with their little one releasing stress and adding some fun to their day.



This gentle form of yoga is performed while sitting on a chair or using the chair for support during standing and balancing poses.  It still follows the sequencing of a vinyasa class leading the body through seated Sun Salutations and working with the breath.  Chair yoga increases flexibility and strength, lung capacity, improves balance and circulation.  There is yoga class for everyone, come and practice, you will be received in a welcoming environment and make new friends. 

Raquel Jackson, RYT, 500 hours