Stephanie Kraczkowski, CMT

Stephanie is a Master Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).  Her specializations include: Certified Fitness Trainer, Exercise Therapy, Fitness Nutrition, Senior Fitness, Youth Training and Strength and Conditioning. She enjoys working with people one on one. It is a more personal and prescriptive approach to fitness. Her experience and training in Counseling and Special Education has become useful in that she knows how to use data to customize exercise programming while motivatingclients.

    Stephanie has worked as a personal trainer at the Grand Lakes Club at Southbridge in Savannah, GA., Anytime Fitness in Pooler, GA. and more recently with Fort Rucker's Sports Fitness and Aquatics as personal trainer and fitness instructor.


Who Is Personal Training Really For?

Personal Training is not just for elite athletes. EVERYONE can benefit from personalized fitness training. No matter what age, gender, ability, pregnant or not, there is a trainer out there for everyone.

IWhy do people hire personal trainers?

People seek personal training for many different reasons. Having a personal trainer leaves the "driving to the trainer". You just show up and do what your trainer has planned for you. People like the motivation that comes from hiring a personal trainer. If you have an appointment for PT... that you paid for, you're more likely to show up (which is over half the battle). Finally, folks like hiring a personal trainer to get an expert approach to exercise. The trainer can help you use correct form and perform safe and effective exercises. Sometimes a personal trainer will be hired to get one started on an exercise regimen. Sometimes people will make occasional appointments for PT once in a while to stay in touch with proper exercise.Many fitness facilities offer small group training of 2-3 participants which can be an affordable option while still receiving specialized and prescriptive service.

A personal trainer can help with most fitness goals. There are personal trainers who have been trained

and specialized in specific areas of fitness.

Exercise Therapy

Trainers specializing in exercise therapy are astute in  designing exercise programming to address specific needs in the process of recovery or rehabilitation. Personaly trainers will work with clients AFTER their physician/healthcare provider has released them to exercise. 

Fitness Nutrition

    Personal trainers include nutrition as part of training. Fitness is composed of physical training (exercise), mental health, spiritual peace AND nutrition. You can exercise 40 hours a week; But without proper nutrition, your body is not going to function at its peak. While your trainer can offer you effective, general fitness nutrition counseling, they will not be able to prescribe specific diets for special needs. Only a physician or Registered DieticIan (R.D.)  can give specialized advice.

    Many personal trainers recommend supplements to their clients. I NEVER suggest supplements, EVER! Supplements come in many types, shapes, sizes. Many supplements may interact with medications or are contraindicated for certain illnesses or conditions. Therefore, it is my practice to defer the discussion of supplements to the client and their healthcare provider.

Senior Fitness

Personal Trainers that specialize in Senior Fitness are specially trained to work with senior populations and the common issues that arise with maturity. Special considerations in prescriptive training can be: high blood pressure and the side effects of beta blockers, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, atrophy, joint and connective tissue maladies...and more. Age does not (should not) preclude optimal fitness.

Youth Fitness

    Children and youth have specific needs and precautions unique to them. Children do not have the same capacity to regulate body temperature as adults do. Children can easily become dehydrated quickly. Children have immature connective tissue and growth plates. Caution should be used when resistance training is considered for children. Personal Trainers specializing in youth fitness are educated in the unique needs of children and how to help them achieve optimal fitness. Many parents will hire a trainer for their children who are involved in school athletics.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is what comes to mind for many when they hear the words: "Personal Trainer". Strength and Conditioning includes sports training. There are strength and conditioning trainers who work with athletic franchises, school athletics as well as anyone who is wanting to train for amateur athletics or for personal goals. In short, strength and conditioning is not just for high paid athletes. Its for anyone and everyone!

*Individualized Personal Training for ALL
*Diagnostic and PrescriptiveTraining
*Goal Driven Training
*Specializing in: youth, seniors, exercise therapy and strength and conditioning, 

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