I get a great deal of satisfaction from teaching Fitness Classes. I love seeing people accomplish more than they ever thought possible. I am certified by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a group fitness instructor. I have been endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation as an Arthritis Fitness Instructor.

Types of Classes I Offer

I have a lot of experience with Seniors, yet I have taught soldiers, as well. I have taught Pump, Tabata, Circuit Training, Water Exercise, Yoga and classes that are focused on specific needs. I also use aromatherapy,  guided imagery and biofeedback in my fitness classes.

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For many, Group Fitness Classes are the answer to regular exercise. Its no wonder. Group fitness not only gets the job done physically speaking, it also fills other needs we as humans have. Group fitness is not "one size fits all". A good fitness class includes considerations and modifications for all participants. Group fitness provides support and gets people to class. Many find social connections in Group Fitness classes. In short, Group Fitness serves the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Stephanie Kraczkowski, Certified Master Trainer

*On site Fitness Classes

*Goal Driven Instruction

*Circuit, Tabata, Pump, aquatics, seniors, boot camp

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