Counseling is appropriate for everyone at one time or another. Life throws us all curveballs. Its how we deal with them that makes the difference in our abilities to maintain a balance of wellness. Mental and emotional challenges can affect our physical and spiritual health and vice versa. There is no reason to feel shame for seeking help. It is the healthy thing to do. Liken it to seeing your health care provider for a cold or the flu.

Licensed Therapists provide state of the art care as they are regulated by state boards. To become fully licensed, therapists must work under supervision of a senior therapist and pass national standardized examinations. Our therapists are licensed by the state of Alabama.

Licensed to Heal

Why Counseling


Affordable and Convenient Board Licensed Therapists

"Bridging the gap to provide everyone with access to

affordable quality mental health care"

One of the few limitations of confidentiality is a court subpoena. Occasionally, we may be required by the court to release records or appear in court. In these instances, we will discuss this disclosure with clients prior to the release. We will discuss what will be disclosed. Fees are associated with these activities by the hour and are assumed by the client. The cost will depend on what is requested and how much labor is required. This will also be discussed with the client prior to the work being done. 

Court Appearances

--school/childhood issues

--families and couples



--women's issues

--self harming

--suicidal ideation

--LGBTQ issues

*Specializing in:




--Mood Disorders

All conversations, communications and processes of psychotherapy are maintained as confidential. This means that the therapist will not disclose what occurs or is discussed within the confines of therapy. This includes conversations between the client and counselor in the office, the phone, or between counselor and other providers. There are exceptions to this rule:

  1. If counselor discovers that there is a risk of self harm or harm to another person(s).

  2. If the client gives express permission for the counselor to discuss or release information to

    certain persons.

  3. If a court of law should subpoena client records. 

If any of these circumstances occur, the counselor will discuss the nature of what will be disclosed with the client prior to the disclosure.


--Children    --Adults    --Seniors   --Families    --Couples

*Techniques Used:

--EMDR  --Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  --Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy  --Dialectic Behavior Therapy   --Psychoeducation

--Gottman Method for Couple's Therapy  --Mindfulness  --

We accept:  --Blue Cross Blue Shield  --Tricare 

--United Health Care  --CHAMPVA  --GEHA  --UMR 

Virtual Conference

Research shows that therapy conducted virtually by phone or video is equally as effective as therapy that takes place when client and therapist are in the same location.

We have been specially trained to  deliver counseling services using secure video and telephone. Further, we have made a commitment to being accessible. In doing so, we have prepared for the future of healthcare rather than merely reacting to current events.